About the Author

David Morgan Powell was born on a hill farm in the County of Breconshire in 1909. He emigrated to Canada when he was 18 where he was challenged by the Gospel and was converted to Christ. After returning to England he trained at the Hampstead Bible School under the Pentecostal pioneer, Howard Carter. He then entered the Assemblies of God ministry, first at Bishop Auckland, then he pastored churches at Darlington, Grimsby and Grays.

In 1945 he went to Rotherham to pastor a group of Christians who were meeting in a rented hall. Under his leadership the church grew making a number of building developments necessary, the final church building project taking place in 1973, with a seating capacity of 600.

David was the Principal of the Assemblies of God Bible College at Mattersey, near Bawtry, from 1973 to 1977. He then returned to the church at Rotherham. For many years David had a close involvement with the A.O.G.Christian Radio in Illinois, U.S.A., often speaking live on ‘Ask the Pastor’ programmes.

In 1986 he moved to Louth in Lincolnshire where he continued to help the cause of Christ.

David was in active ministry for over 65 years. He passed into the presence of the Lord on the 25th February 2001, aged 91.

Many recordings were made of David preaching either during Services or through radio broadcasts. He also left written records of his teachings. It is a mixture of these that have been used on this website.  Initially, this website will share his thoughts on the Gospel according to St John.

This website is being developed by David's Grand-daughter, Tracey. All emails will go to Tracey and will be passed onto Margaret Powell. It is a work in progress so please bear with me whilst I build the site.


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David Powell was always eager to share the word of the Lord and was keen that none of his teachings would be subject to copyright. You are welcome to make use of the words on this website for the purpose for which they were intended, sharing the word of the Lord, as long as you acknowledge David Powell and this website as the source.

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